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VA – Voices of the Forest (Compiled by Aum Sync)

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Konvndrvm – Nara Dreamland Parasect – Florem Ater Sanguis Insector and Traveller – Chip Fusion Kykeon and Karash – Mekanik Commando Overdream – Hello Voodoo – Dreams Of Alucination Eniko Vs Energy Loop – Push Me Synthetic Forest – Sailing The Seas of Jii Amras – Talking Cows Bones – Evil Prayers Yata Garasu – The Sugar Pill Invid Mind – Aeon (CinderVOMIT Rmx) Murukhan – Victory Hammers HyperBurst – Transverse Waves Lyzergik Brain – Lost Soul Depot Zamurah – Pequeno Burrito Tripko And Smokey Quartz – Phosphorus Blind-ox – The Last March Of The Ents Maleficium – Dizzle Aum Sync – Voices Of The Forest Mr Hades – Twisted Trip Sarasvvati – Could You Be The Last Of Us Knobolt – Oderoda METAHUMAN – Extraterrestrial Reptile Rmx Mimic Vat – Beauty And The Beast Shamanuel – Recension Luuli – I Deserve This

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