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V​A – Tales From Dark Space

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Acid Graphicks – Space Mothership Eknuwyk – Blessing Psy Horror Noize – Sunny Von Doom Dimension Mastered by Electrypnose Psynetik – Androgenesis Yaotzin Tech – We Are All Aliens Twisted Doom – Pearl Magma Ohm – Widolt Name Hero Ataro vs Radice vs Con Un Drum – The Book Of The Dead Pakal Votan – Chendo Manik Buluk vs Xtraterrestre – The Last Guardians Bolomyrep – Dimension Alterna Xtraterrestre – TrOLs Sampler – Time 4 Fun Dark Laynuz -The Cosmic Secrets Of Pisces And Capricorn Adrenalliens – Regression

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