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VA – Five Elements Of Shiva Vol : 1 AGNI (Compiled by Triptagon)

/ 0 Tracks / Nataraja Records

Brain Stretch – Opium Oak Project – Go With The Flow Kek Heh – Moon Spirits Alupo – Under the Oia´s Storm Sentient Number Six – Ma, Shakti, Maya Vox Fabri – Rusty Beatz Maleficarvm – Abduxit Hominem Triptagon – Flames Awakend By Agni Darktwins – Shadow Cure Wairua – Anesthesia Triptagon – Chakalaka Necropsycho – Angels of god Datagen – Paratonic Sanathana – Fire Opens The Connection Plena Sonitus – Fear Is A Mind Killer Paranoiac – What Does Matter is The Size of Your Heart & the Strength of Your Character.

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