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VA – Sequencias del mas alla Vol. 2 (Compiled by Toxinexia)

/ 0 Tracks / Tripura Yantra Records

Paranoia Sector – Phobos a & Paranoia (150BPM) Master of horror – The evil trip of Hoffman (180BPM) Psytuga – Land Of Confusion (155BPM) Bizzare frequenCy – Detonation trip (154BPM) PolyBius – Obscuridad siniestra (160BPM) Psy4tecks ft Moyee – Anokhi (155BPM) Bizzare frequenCy vs Drow – Conecttion with the forest (160BPM) Intekshine Vs Toxinexia – Floored (160BPM) Suffer Misery – Necronomicon (203BPM Darknesss – Destructive Influence (210BPM)

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