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VA – CinderVOMIT Benefit Compilation

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Silent Horror side project Shunya – Parvati Ocelot – WoolyMammoth Arabali – Ask yo mama Mind distortion System – Annunaki Ghreg on Earth – Mycoplasmic nuero interface Rawar – The meaning of… Muladhara & Urulator – Tarja Preta Mettanoia – The brotherhood of time Sectio Aurea – Oh fuck no way! C.O.A.T.T.T.T.A.T.T.B.S. – You’re A Freak SooSpicey – Pissed on and Pissed off Martyrs – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Coasttttattbs – Ashes Sanathana – The Unconscious Mergel – Up in Smoke party in the car Mentaloop – A hole in the wall (extraterrestial rmx) Psicodelicat & Antagon – Earth moving Fatal Discord – Another Sky Parandroid – Ausgang Krono Psy – Pull the Moon Cosmogonìa – The love Tribe Nap – The Agony Of Our Decency Cosmogonìa – Swing Secret Society – Stormon mormon Kasatka – Anima Mia Black out – Space cat Master Pain – Wirikuta Zamura – Chupacabras Maer – Change Da orbis CinderVomit – Lysergic (bike day Freeble) Strydr Zuvuya Pro – Fast Mo’Fvcka Iuuli – This is hhow medicine works Infect Insect – Scolopendra

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