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2015 was a turning point in the life of Christian Hermann, when he experienced Hi-Tech at a party for the very first time.
He immediately recognized the pure power on the dancefloor and fell in love with the distorted, technical sounds, the playful melodies, the futuristic atmosphere and the high tempo.

Two years later, after attending many parties to shape his musical taste, the OpticTuning project was born and he is now fully committed to share his enthusiasm for music with other people.
Thanks to the Masters of Puppets festival, which has been a big inspiration, he also just began to understand Psycore as well.

Being a music addict he tries to suck up all music releases that could be relevant to him. In his opinion, the musical repertoire of a DJ can’t be big enough to express emotions in the truest way possible.

As music had such a big impact on his life, he wanted to give something back. Thus, OpticTuning decided to create the Exorbeatal music portal.

The meaning of „OpticTuning“ is composed of three fragments:

tuning = to enhance a technical (High-Tech-) device
tune = song
optical tuning = when someone has reached a psychedelic state in which the visual perception is enhanced

OpticTuning refers to reaching higher states of consciousness via psychedelic trance music!


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