Style: Drum & Bass

Many years before being introduced into DJing and especially high paced music like Drum & Bass, Techno or Psytrance I already had a passion for eletronic based music.
Starting with boring mainstream Electro House I eventually became aware that there is much more to find other than the stuff you usually hear on the radio station.
With time passing I started to go deeper into the music jungle following different kinds of paths. Doing so, I eventually found out about Techno as well as psychedelic music.

Later it was a friend who showed me some Drum & Bass and I knew right away that this is the kind of music I would like to listen to.
What convinced me the most was the high bpm, usually in the range of 160 to 180 as well as the huge variaty of sub genres it has to offer.
Attending my first Drum & Bass party about 5 years ago made start developing a progressively growing interest in to the music scene in general.
The idea of being able to do same and share your passion with other people seemed really appealing for me and was a huge motivation to start as well.

Ever since I enjoy to gain more inspiration and dicover new music.

The birth of the Exorbeatal collective 2018 did not only gave me the opportunity to share my passion with more people but also reinforced my interest in psychedelic music and allowed me to pursue creativity of many kind.

My goal is to transport the passion and vibe I feel to the people on the dancefloor.